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Nestled at the core of Rockford and its adjacent communities, the Rockford Arab Chamber of Commerce (RACC) is dedicated to nurturing a vibrant and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem. We represent a wide array of members who showcase the spirit of resilience and ambition, from minority groups and women to individuals with disabilities, dislocated workers, veterans, and non-English speakers in need of interpretation services.

Our mission is clear: to empower these entrepreneurs, a vow we've honored since our foundation. This promise is brought to life through various initiatives, notably the Winnebago Emerging Business Support, which we have
enthusiastically backed since 2020.

In our ongoing mission to provide substantial support and growth opportunities, we've partnered with Solutions Business Center and local banks since 2023 to streamline the loan application process. We're thrilled to report the approval of loans for over ten applicants, a clear indication
of our partners' dedication and effort.

We warmly invite entrepreneurs in need of consultation or loan application assistance to contact us at (815) 319-1072 or to schedule an appointment via our online portal. The RACC team is ready and eager to guide you through the complexities of the business world and help you
access the financial resources you need to succeed.

Together, we strive to build a community of successful, empowered entrepreneurs.

About Us

Greater Rockford Arab Chamber of  Commerce is proud to serve Rockford's and neighboring city's thriving Arab community.