Meet the Team 

Dedicated to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs and community members to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

picture of Mustafa Abdall, President

Mustafa Abdall

picture of Azam Aldulaimi, vice president
Vice President

Azam Aldulaimi

picture of Jamal AbedRabbo, vice president
Vice President

Jamal AbedRabbo

Picture of Nedal Alhamwi, Public Relations
Public relations

Nedal Alhamwi

Picture of Ahmad Safi, Communications

Ahmad Safi

Picture of Ahmed Abdalkareem, Secretary

Ahmed Abdalkareem

Picture of Ali K Hariz, Treasurer

Ahmed Abdalkareem

Picture of Kamal AbedRabbo, Board Member
Board Member

Kamal AbedRabbo

Picture of Kamal AbedRabbo, Board member
Board Member

Kamal AbedRabbo

Picture of Mostafa Alhamwi, Board Member
Board Member

Mostafa Alhamwi

Picture of the entire team on their first official meeting
About Us

Greater Rockford Arab Chamber of  Commerce is proud to serve Rockford's and neighboring city's thriving Arab community.